Download White Noise to help you or baby to Sleep

Its a well known technique that playing white noise can help babies to get to sleep and adults too.  White noise is also used to provide relief to people who suffer from Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) played at low levels.  The best way to see if it can help you or your baby is to give it a go.  Stream it to your device or you can also download the MP3 audio file, the link is below the video.

You can purchase and download the 3 hour MP3 audio file Download

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5 min Escape No.6 – A path to enlightenment

Take time for a 5 minute escape with No.6 in the series featuring a path to enlightenment! Shot on a beautiful late spring afternoon with the seeds or cotton from the surrounding Poplar trees falling almost like snow. The birds are singing along and you can also hear a small river which was just off to the right of the track.

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5 min Escape No.5 – Golf anyone

For all the golf enthusiasts out there or for anyone who just enjoys a very scenic view of mountains and lake with the birds singing along in the background.

This is the number 5 hole at the very beautiful Queenstown Golf course.  Its a par 4 and 346 meters long hole.

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Car Interior Sound effects to help Baby Sleep

If there was one sure way of getting our kids to sleep when they were younger it was to take them for a ride in the car.  Now you can take them for a 2 hour virtual ride with this video featuring genuine car interior noise.  Stream it to some speakers in your toddlers room and see how you go.

You can purchase and download the MP3 audio file Download

If you’re having problems sleeping, give it a try or try one of my other videos for natural sleeping aids.   For the record this was recorded on a trip from Arrowtown, N.Z. to the town of Alexandra and back again.  I’m also well aware now of the rattle I have in my car’s sunroof!



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5 min Escape No.3 – Early morning drive in the country

Here’s number 3 in the 5 minute escape video series. Hop on-board for an early morning drive in the country.  Take in the beautiful scenery shot from the bonnet of the car and the interior car noise including an annoying rattle my sunroof seems to have developed.

This 5 minute journey begins just on the outskirts of Arrowtown, N.Z passing through farmland and heads into the Kawarau gorge finishing just before the famous AJ Hackett Bungy site…..and yes we drive on the left hand side of the road over here in New Zealand.  Next time thou I think I will drive a little bit slower so that the scenery doesn’t whizz by quite so quick.

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5 min Escape No.2 – Spring Lambs

Here’s the second of my 5 minute Escape videos featuring these cute little fellows.  These spring lambs don’t seem to have much too worry about except trying to keep their eyes open in the early morning sun.

This was shot on a high country sheep station near Queenstown, N.Z. and its not as easy as it looks trying to film lambs with their Mum’s!

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Need a 5 minute break?

This is the first of my 5 minute Escape Videos.  Plug your earphones in, breathe in, breathe out, breath in, breathe out.  Listen to the warm spring breeze in the poplar trees, birds chirping and watch the seeds from the poplar trees floating their way to the ground.

5 minutes of video and audio shot on a warm and breezy late spring afternoon just on the outskirts of Arrowtown, New Zealand.  At this time of year the cotton or seeds from the Poplar trees are everywhere and even looks like snow in some places.  Its also surprisingly hard to get good audio from the wind in the trees which often ends up sounding like running water or a river!

You can download the audio from this for free, just enter $0 in the price on the payment page..or make a donation, up to you.

Download MP3 audio


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Rain on a metal roof mk2

This is a similar clip to my previous rain on the tin roof clip except this clip was recorded outside rather than inside the house.  It also goes for 2 hours for those of you wanting a longer clip for maybe sending you off to sleep!  Personally I like the sound of this clip better, see what you think.  If you are interested you can download a MP3 audio only file of this clip below.

Download MP3 file
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